Miss Essence & 

Mrs. Essence Pageant®


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Essence Pageant On-line Pageant via Skype 

November 30, 2014

2 PM EST Swimsuit/ Fitness Competition Via Skype

3 PM EST Evening Gown Via Skype

 4 PM Final Question Via Skype

Final Scores will be published here after the Final Question by 5:30 PM

Crowning Ceremony to be on-line via Skype once the Crown is received before or by December 5, 2015


1. There will be 3-5 qualified individuals judging the competition via Skype.

2. You can use any background music you want for Swimsuit/Fitness and Evening Gown. The music must be in good taste and should not have any profanity. No music will be used for the Final Question.

3. If there is a former Essence Queen within 50 miles of your location we will do our best to schedule them to come crown you in person. You will still have to Skype the crowning. Videos will be shared on-line at the conclusion. 

4. Introduction video on the Contestant page. This is not judged but it's our first impression of you) We would like every contestant to do an intro video (you can use the video feature on your cell phone)  no more than 1 minute telling us anything you want: who you are, how old you are, what you achieved, what you do for a living and/or why you deserve to be the next Miss or Mrs. Essence 2014. This must be only you speaking into the camera no special effects or graphics. We will post the video next to your picture on the website. Please be professional, wear make-up and appropriate clothing.